Are tourists destroying the Conch Industry?

“Conch cakes, conch fritters, conch fingers, conch salad, cracked conch, conch wrap, conch in a bag, conch on a pizza…” I was reading the lunch menu, feeling like the shrimp-impassioned Bubba from Forrest Gump. We were sitting by the harbor of Elbow Cay in the Bahamas preparing for lunch, but I practically had this menu memorized.Continue reading “Are tourists destroying the Conch Industry?”

We Tried (nearly) Every Bahamian Cocktail on the Tipsy Seagull Menu

Have you ever consumed so much sugar that you were past worrying about a diabetic coma, and more expecting yourself to fall into a literal sugar seizure? I don’t know if that’s an actual thing, but I know I’ve experienced it. Taylor and I recently spent 10 days in Bahamian paradise with my family. WithContinue reading “We Tried (nearly) Every Bahamian Cocktail on the Tipsy Seagull Menu”

Are dirtbags welcome in the Napa Valley? They are at this winery!

When conjuring up ideas for your next weekend warrior escapade, chances are that the Napa Valley isn’t one of the first places on your list. But with breathtaking hill country scenery, California sunshine, and a scattering of campgrounds, there seems to be opportunity for your average dirtbag in wine country.

Nature Libations – 5 tips and tricks for packing the best backcountry booze

There are few things greater in life than a backcountry success story. Whether you just finished a harrowing day of whitewater, finally sent that longstanding 5.10 in the canyon, or summited your most recent bucket list peak, you probably deserve a drink. Granted, the  deeper you are in the wilderness, the more difficult that may be to achieve.Continue reading “Nature Libations – 5 tips and tricks for packing the best backcountry booze”