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EXPLOregon: How a weekend in the Pacific Northwest gave me an Identity Crisis

The magic of the Journey isn’t the only reason we travel. We travel because we’re antsy, anxious, restless. It’s not just a thrill but an obligation to go find something different, somewhere more grand, a new landscape with new meaning, more depth.

A Traveler’s Guide to True Love: The Reality of the Power of Fate

When travel is your life, home is a person.

Or at least that’s the goal, right? But when your longest time spent in one place for the year is around five days, how on earth are you going to make a real, intimate connection with someone special?

How my love of Place turned into a love for People

People are exhausting. They are volatile, sensitive, destructive, selfish and just stressful to be around.

The Travel Bug – Incurable and Incredible

We live in a world of incredible technology. The field of medicine has made more progress in the past 50 years than in [arguably] all of prior history combined. It’s amazing. I’m in awe.

But, there is a virus among millennials that no modern medicine can seem to cure.

It’s the Travel Bug.