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Are dirtbags welcome in the Napa Valley? They are at this winery!

When conjuring up ideas for your next weekend warrior escapade, chances are that the Napa Valley isn’t one of the first places on your list. But with breathtaking hill country scenery, California sunshine, and a scattering of campgrounds, there seems to be opportunity for your average dirtbag in wine country.

What’s in the Pack? My 12 Backcountry Necessities

Your first year as a backpacker can be painfully expensive, overwhelming and confusing. Baffle or no baffle? Do you need dual-density hiking shoes? A vestibule for the tent? Is your jacket DWR? Why do I need to cook my backpack frame?

Nature Libations – 5 tips and tricks for packing the best backcountry booze

There are few things greater in life than a backcountry success story. Whether you just finished a harrowing day of whitewater, finally sent that longstanding 5.10 in the canyon, or summited your most recent bucket list peak, you probably deserve a drink. Granted, the  deeper you are…

Big Bend Ranch State Park – The Final Frontier for Risk Takers

“Do not get yourself in a mess. You are in the middle of nowhere. If you find yourself in need of urgent medical attention, you will probably die. Don’t break your leg, your arm, don’t twist your ankle. We won’t be able to help.”

Stop Politicizing my Planet! A Conservative Woman’s Environmental Concerns

Tuesday evening, I sat in the living room with my parents, glued to Fox News as our nation’s votes were tallied. For hours, we watched the back and forth tug-of-war between key swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania. Trump…Clinton…Trump…Clinton. At 8:30 PM, like the lightweight…

The State of our Nation – The One Thing Every National Park Goer Needs to Know

Within our national parks is preserved the entirety of not only our young nation’s history, but the history of this land. From national seashores and scenic trails to memorials and military parks and even the White House, the territory under the National Park Service’s authority is incredibly unique and varied.

Trepidations of a College Senior -Secrets of Preparing for the Real World

I spent my first 3 years of college in a career limbo. As a Communication student, I enjoyed a lengthy, comfortable spell of indecisiveness. I worked as an event planner, social media marketer, academic researcher, outreach advocate, a desk receptionist, and I even got…

Live, Learn and Appreciate: A Student’s Take on the State of Academia

I received a gift today. It was a book. And as I begin packing my bag for my next adventure, I can’t help but make sure it makes it into the pile.

Will your Relationship survive the Backcountry? 7 Days and 7 Questions to ask yourself on the Trail

So after we met, we fled for the backcountry, holding hands and swinging trekking poles…because diving into the backcountry is one of the fastest ways to genuinely know if it’s real.

Joshua Tree National Park: The 8 Step Itinerary for the Last Second Traveler

Wanderlust is a chronic condition that plagues roughly 99.9% of young adults. Granted, I’m making that statistic up, but it’s probably something like that. The urgent and desperate need to be somewhere you’re not is real, and at least once in your life, you are obligated to…

Gear Review: GoRumpl or Go Home?

As serious car camping rooks, we made a lot of mistakes. But we did do something right this trip. We grabbed the 3.3 lbs. twin sized GoRumpl Puffy Blanket. And it was awesome.

The Skier’s Short Guide to Shreddin’ Wolf Creek

With spring skiing right around the corner, I was on the hunt for the last of the untouched winter pow. And with boasts of the “Most Snow in Colorado,” you best believe the first place I looked was Wolf Creek Ski Area