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Event Report: An Epic Day at the GoPro Mountain Games 2017

Picture this: I’m standing next to a man wearing a unicorn onesie. He has a GoPro mounted to his chest. His dog has a GoPro attached to his collar. Across the river, the whitewater kayaker just pulled her kayak out of the water. Her GoPro is…

Are tourists destroying the Conch Industry?

“Conch cakes, conch fritters, conch fingers, conch salad, cracked conch, conch wrap, conch in a bag, conch on a pizza…” I was reading the lunch menu, feeling like the shrimp-impassioned Bubba from Forrest Gump. We were sitting by the harbor of Elbow Cay in the…

Destination Guide: Piggyville is the Lesser Known Home to Swimming Pigs

Caribbean sunshine, crystal clear water and a bunch of swimming, screaming piggies seem to be the new formula for a dream vacation. The Swimming Pigs of the Exumas have been around for as long as I can remember, with the island always receiving moderate visitation…

We Tried (nearly) Every Bahamian Cocktail on the Tipsy Seagull Menu

Have you ever consumed so much sugar that you were past worrying about a diabetic coma, and more expecting yourself to fall into a literal sugar seizure? I don’t know if that’s an actual thing, but I know I’ve experienced it. Taylor and I…

#WanderRight into Adventure: Q&A with Hayley Poy

This week, we caught up with Hayley Poy, a nurse and backcountry babe living in Colorado. Hayley’s figured out her perfect work/adventure balance to living a life full of travel.

Travel isn’t for the Faint of Heart: An Ode to the Weekend Warrior

Have you ever dreamed of dropping everything and catching a midnight flight to a foreign city with no plan? Did you ever do it?

#WanderRight into Adventure: Q&A with Morgan Martinez

Every Friday, we’re featuring badass women who are doing whatever it takes to see the world!

Instagrammer Morgan Martinez is sharing her tips, tricks and story for aspiring travelers on how to #WanderRight into adventure

Your First Bed and Breakfast Experience should be at the Migel House

It’s not a campground. It definitely wasn’t on a trail. And I didn’t even need to throw up a bear bag before calling it a night. That’s right – I stayed at my very first bed & breakfast. It was a classic bed and breakfast, no air in the name, because I believe it to be part of every travel junkie’s rite of passage.

What the Fyre Festival Attendees should do with the rest of their time in the Exumas: A Last Minute Travel Guide

Admittedly, I’ve never been to the Great Exuma island. But I think that’s okay. Because, after the Fyre Festival Disaster of ’17, Exuma appears to just be less of a tourist trap, and more of just an actual trap. I have LOTS of questions. Great Exuma is a…

Ten Adventure Books you Need to Add to your Library Right Now

The proper adventure book has the power to transport you up mountains, through canyons, down trails and across the world. It will leave you raw, inspired and possessed to purchase the next plane ticket outta here. The following is a compilation of 10 of my favorite adventure books that did…

The bucket list Yosemite Hike nobody talks about 

It wasn’t the first time overcrowding had thwarted our Yosemite weekend so we prepared ourselves for a change of plans. “Do you recommend any other hikes for an overnighter?” I asked.

I took my parents camping and they taught me everything I was doing wrong

We scheduled a weekend getaway to Silverton and I was so ready to teach my parents all the things I had learned since Texas.

So when my 50-something, happily retired parents bought a 17′ towable travel trailer Casita before the trip, my first thought was, ‘wait, why?’