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Don’t get married young…or do. I’m not your mom

I turn twenty-three years old next month and for the first time in my life, I’m not actually excited. Not only will Taylor Swift no longer sing for me, but Blink 182 sends constant reminders that “nobody likes you when you’re 23.” Oh. For… Continue Reading “Don’t get married young…or do. I’m not your mom”

My Favorite Things – January 2018

As a backpacking gear tester and outdoor writer, I often get to experience and play with some rad products and tools. Each month brings new surprises, so I’d like to take time every thirty days to share and discuss some of my favorites…because let’s be real: As… Continue Reading “My Favorite Things – January 2018”

18 Things I wish I knew when I graduated college

I graduated from Texas A&M University one year ago yesterday with a Bachelors degree in Communication. Since then, I’ve worked for a national nonprofit, moved states, started a business, traveled across the country and backpacked some of our nation’s most unreal places. I’ve talked… Continue Reading “18 Things I wish I knew when I graduated college”

Life Lessons learned from a pocket-sized adventure pup

“I think your dog has an issue.” our dinner guest observes, pointing uncertainly towards the little white fluff ball dragging his bum across the carpet. “Oh, gaw. MAX. No!” The fluff ball stops, mid-scoot, hind legs up in the air and blinks at us.… Continue Reading “Life Lessons learned from a pocket-sized adventure pup”

My ABC’s of Thankfulness

In the spirit of fall and feeling thankful, I’ve compiled a full alphabet of my favorite things…

Your Near-Death Experience was Cooler than Mine

Last weekend, at 2:30 AM, I thought I was about to die. But it wasn’t for something very exciting, noble or interesting. In fact, it was for something pretty dumb. 

Backpackers would make the best Chopped Contestants – An Investigation

Whaaaaaat? You say. Please, a bunch of dirtbags in the woods have no business on a culinary art show like…Yeah, yeah. I get it. But let me break it down for you.

20 thoughts you’ve definitely had while backcountry camping

I’ve always believed that a backpacking trip is the best way to get to know somebody. You see them at their smelliest, grossest, hungriest, crankiest, and most real. You get the chance to experience pure joy through their eyes, true fear, exhaustion, simple raw… Continue Reading “20 thoughts you’ve definitely had while backcountry camping”

I Quit my Job to have Dirty Feet

I quit my job to have dirty feet…

My Love Affair with Punchbowl Falls: Trail Guide

Punchbowl Falls is no secret, though I wish it was. It is a popular enough attraction for both tourists and locals, especially in the summer months. The best part? The pools are totally swimmable. Well, sort of.