Straight out of college, Alex was staged to have a great career. Working in the administration sector for one of the nation’s largest nonprofits, she enjoyed job stability, fantastic coworkers and a fulfilling workload.

But high heels, leather briefcases and freeway commutes were never meant to be her thing. Alex wanted, more than anything, to build her own company and achieve that American dream, away from the big city of Dallas. In June of 2016, Alex quit her job to pursue a life of freelance writing in the outdoor industry.

She’s now located out of Durango, Colorado, where she writes short stories, gear reviews, essays, and more for magazines like Backpacker, Matador Network, Earth Island Journal, and Sonderers.

Alex also serves as the lead backpacking gear reviewer for 99boulders.com, as well as the blogger for the local Durango Office of Tourism.

You can consider Alex as an every-writer in the outdoor industry, as her skills often reach into PR sector.  She works directly with businesses to develop strategy and relationships with relevant media members, writing press kits, product specs, and blog material for a number of small and upcoming businesses in the outdoor sector.



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