My ABC’s of Thankfulness

What is it about this cozy autumn weather that makes us count our blessings?

In the spirit of fall and feeling thankful, I’ve compiled a full alphabet of my personal favorite things…because it was fun and made me happy. I challenge you to do the same.

A is for aspens, arches, and Alt J

B is for beer, beards, and burritos

C is for coffee, campfires, and Chacos

D is for the desert, dunes, and Durango

E is for espresso, Euphoria Ale, and elevation

F is for fly-fishing, flannel, and fourteeners

G is for gear, gin, and Glass Animals

H is for hot dogs, hammocks, and High Brew Coffee

I is for islands, IPA’s, and Irish coffee

J is for Joshua trees, jalapeños, and Justin’s peanut butter

K is for kale, kayaks, and Kavu

L is for lakes, lager, and Leave No Trace

M is for mountains, matcha and Max

N is for nature, naps, and nutmeg

O is for off-piste, open water, and Oreos

P is for pizza, pooches, and puffy jackets

Q is for qi, quiet, and quinoa

R is for rivers, rain, and road trips

S is for sushi, snow, and skis

T is for tacos, trails, and tea

U is for Utah, udon and ultralight

V is for Vail, vistas, and vans

W is for winter, waffles, and writing

X is for xc skis, xc runs, and x-treme sports

Y is for Yosemite, yoga, and yerba mate

Z is for Zion, ziti, and zephyrs

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