20 thoughts you’ve definitely had while backcountry camping

I’ve always believed that a backpacking trip is the best way to get to know somebody. You see them at their smelliest, grossest, hungriest, crankiest, and most real. You get the chance to experience pure joy through their eyes, true fear, exhaustion, simple raw emotions.

Its freakin’ great. That’s why this list is so relatable. If you’ve ever been camping in the backcountry, you’ve definitely had these thoughts before…

1. When was the last time I brushed my teeth?


2. Do I know where I’m leading these people tomorrow?


3. I don’t think my hair will ever comb out.

10384597_10202411127744312_8508415400638248861_n 4. This burnt sugar-butter dough tastes amazing!


5. How much stuff can I hang off this tree to dry before it breaks?


6. I should go be a contestant on Chopped.


7. I wonder if my thermarest will pop tonight.


8. Should I dig a cat hole tonight or wait until the morning?


9. I have to pee but its raining.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 1.28.48 PM.png

10. Does this count as a shower?


11. Do we have enough water to make coffee?


12. Do we have enough water to make water?


13. Is it wrong to walk around camp while wearing my sleeping bag? (no)


14. Maybe if I wait long enough, someone else will get cold enough to build the fire.


15. I’m not sure if we picked the best campsite.


16. I haven’t written in my journal in five days


17. Its totally acceptable to go to bed while the sun is still up


18. It should be illegal to wake up before 4am


19. Everybody should wake up before 4 am!


20. I’m never going home.



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