#WanderRight into Adventure: Q&A with Savanna Rakofsky

Every Friday, we’re featuring badass women who are doing whatever it takes to see the world!

This week, we caught up with Savanna Rakofsky, a Florida wanderer who has found her home in San Diego. She’s using her skills as a marketing director to fund and guide her Weekend Warrior adventures. With her expert knack for finding the most original and unique places, Savanna’s photography is sure to bring out the gypsy spirit in all of us.


What brought you to Southern Cali? 

I had lived in Florida my whole life and loved the laid back beach vibe, but wanted to move somewhere new with more opportunities. San Diego seemed like the perfect blend of landscapes. I could hike in the mountains in the morning then hit the beach in the afternoon and see a show downtown at night. My parents thought I was batshit since I kept talking about moving somewhere I had never been, so I visited once during my last semester of Grad school, signed a lease to a studio apartment (without a job), then before I knew it I graduated a month later and was on the road headed west. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made.

How do you find balance between work and play?

My work schedule is weird to say the least. I’m the Marketing Director for a Nightclub so some weeks I work 7 days a week but then the following week I’ll only work 5. I try to take at least 1 weekend a month to getaway somewhere new and then I dedicate days in between for “me” time. Luckily my work is pretty flexible with allowing me to work remotely here and there so I can squeeze in more time for play.


Favorite place in the world and #1 on your bucket list right now? 

Favorite place in the world – Brazil. #1 on my bucket list right now – This is tough as my bucket list is literally never ending, but I’d really like to get back down to South America and spend more time in Brazil then make my way over to Argentina.

What is your favorite piece of travel gear?

Probably my gopro hero 5, it goes with me on ALL trips, at all times.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you first started traveling?

It helps to plan ahead, and I don’t mean set plans, but have an idea. List out the places you want to see, the places you want to eat, then leave room for the local culture to guide you in between. You tend to fit more in when you plan ahead.

How do you find such incredible places to travel to? How do you research? 

I spend a lot of time online, and I subscribe to a lot of airline e-blasts so I try to stay on top of all their deals. I look at travel pirates a lot to reference who has deals going on or what locations are cheaper to travel to then I go from there. I truly LOVE planning trips I probably have a solid 10 trips planned right now that I don’t have the time or money for, but it gives me pleasure so whatever.

How has travel shaped and impacted your relationships with others?

I think it has shown me much more compassion. I want to know everyone’s story and absorb as much as I can about a culture. I’m fascinated by the way others live their daily lives and I think it has given me a deeper appreciation for all the luxuries we have in the U.S.

You can follow Savanna on her Instagram @Savvytravelz!


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