Your First Bed and Breakfast Experience should be at the Migel House

It’s not a campground. It definitely wasn’t on a trail. And I didn’t even need to throw up a bear bag before calling it a night. That’s right – I stayed at my very first bed & breakfast.  It was a classic bed and breakfast, no air in the name, because I believe it to be part of every travel junkie’s rite of passage.

The idea of your first stay at a bnb, however, can be a bit daunting. For some people, the thought of living in a stranger’s home, eating their food and chatting about a city’s historical significance before your first cup of coffee sounds terrifying.

Despite this, I somehow convinced my very private mother to join me for a 4 day, 3 night stay at the Migel House Bed and Breakfast in Waco, Texas.

IMG_9488Standing proud in the center of downtown is a Mediterranean style mansion. Built in 1910 by famous architect Milton M. Scott, the mansion’s ornate design and unique architecture captures a look into a very different time.

But there is something even more unique about the Migel House than its tuscan inspiration.

The owners of the property don’t live there. 

In 2012, Kitty and Robert Tunmire bought the mansion and gave it a well-deserved makeover. They dumped $1 million in renovations into the estate. And it shows! (…but they don’t)

You’ll receive all the same accommodations that you’d expect at any other bed and breakfast – Warm and fluffy robes, deep freestanding bathtubs, and even complimentary breakfast from scratch every morning. The estate is run by the innkeepers, Maggie and Rosalina. They both trade off duties as the morning chef and work as a team to make sure your stay is perfect.

It’s possible to stay at the Migel House and never see another soul.

There are only three rooms in the entire 10,000 square foot estate – the Ivy, the Eugenia and the Louey. We shared the Eugenia room, but because we reserved our stay for the middle of the week (a strategic move to try and catch the Magnolia Market at a less busy time), we had the entire mansion to ourselves.IMG_9512We enjoyed having the front and back patio to ourselves and kept all the doors and windows open. It was only for a few hours in the morning that we shared the home with Rosalina. She cooked us breakfast at a time specified by us. Her company was warm and welcoming and though we chatted her up nearly every morning about Waco tourism, a comfortable silence never made her miss a beat.

The first two meals she prepared were not remarkable, but still tasty. The third day, Rosalina prepared for us a traditional Mexican meal, as that’s where she was born, and I must say, her huevos rancheros are life-changing.

Most of our daylight hours were spent exploring the city of Waco. The Migel House, despite it’s solitude, is centrally located near all the big Waco sites. Magnolia Market, Spice Village, Findery, the Waco Suspension Bridge and eateries such as 1424 and the Backyard are all located within a 2 mile radius. Waco Mammoth National Monument is a short 7 miles away.

During evenings that we weren’t out on the town, it’s important to mention that we may have spent our time in the basement bowling alley of the Migel House with a bottle of wine and cupcakes. I also made a point to soak in the luxurious freestanding bathtub, where I questioned why on earth I couldn’t own a bathroom like this.

While I can’t guarantee that your stay at the Migel house will be quite as secluded as ours was (every room was booked for the evening after our departure), I can confirm that it will be just as cozy and enjoyable. Though we never met the homeowners of our bed and breakfast, we left with hopes of returning – this time, with a bigger and better bowling team.

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