A Traveler’s Guide to True Love: The Reality of the Power of Fate

When travel is your life, home is a person. 

Or at least that’s the goal, right? But when your longest time spent in one place for the year is around five days, how on earth are you going to make a real, intimate connection with someone special?

Admittedly, it’s pretty hard. Sure, thanks to technology, we’re more connected and in each other’s faces than ever before (stop posting about your gluten free dinners, Heather!) but where did you go, sweet intimacy? There just simply aren’t enough emoticons to express to that new guy that:

“Hey, I sort of always eat the last cookie out of the box and sometimes I leave the empty milk carton in the fridge because I’m lazy. But I always make my bed and eat the heel of the bread first and for some reason, my favorite time to have deep, prolonged conversations is when you’re trying to get work done and I’m sorry.” 

🍪🍼🍞😴💁🏼 simply will not do.

So what’s the solution? Get ready for a total bummer, dude – there’s not one.

At least, there’s no cookie cutter solution. My now partner and I met at a party, of all places.

I had just returned from a weekend Colorado escapade to Texas A&M to finish up the semester before Summer got a hold of me and I disappeared full-time.

He had been riding bikes, running trails, planning 14er expeditions and being an all-around-nerd. And was such a huge introvert. Oh my gosh.

See, the thing that people don’t really understand about introverts is that we’re pretty big fans of conversing, sharing ideas, debating concepts, that stuff. But no, we just don’t really care that you just added plyometrics into your workout because a BuzzFeed article told you that it would make your butt bigger. Minutiae, we’re not interested.

So when these two mountain-crazed vagabonds bumped into each other around 11:30 PM, we both vomited [exclusively] words about everything and everywhere.

“You like to travel?! I like to travel!! …where have you been recently? Oh my gosh, that’s uh-mazing. Y-y-you…you are Beautiful People.”

(Cut us some slack, this conversation probably took place around 1am)

A photograph from the actual night we met (cool, right); post-word vomiting
A photograph from the actual night we met (cool, right?); post-word vomiting

And what did we do after all was said and done that night? We parted ways and told each other to always keep it beautiful, because that’s what travelers do. People come and go into our lives all the time, each Person with their own story to tell and memory to share, never to be seen again.

…Just kidding, that kid added me on FACEBOOK!

There he was on my phone, forever tagged in that photo with me, that stupid-goofy-perfect grin on his face. And there he stayed.

See, that’s the problem with technology. We chatted some online but we both had our own adventures that needed tending to in the real world, so visions of Beautiful People began to fade into history.

…Until Fate shook her head, told us we were stupid for going on with our lives, gave us another chance and threw us both on the same cycling route one Thursday afternoon.

“Would you want to go out for dinner sometime?” Hell yeah, I would.

So, as you could probably have guessed – I might not have been able to experience what I consider to be some of the happiest, most fun years of my life if Fate hadn’t shook me on the ground where I stood (er…moved). My ten minute attention span had been fine-tuned for the the short-term and I wasn’t listening like I was supposed to.

What’s the moral? I guess the greatest things in life really do come around when you least expect them, and usually when you think you’re the least prepared.

And you know what, that turd took me out later that week to La Bodega because (as I learned later), “I took a girl there one time a few years ago and the date didn’t go bad so I mean, I figured it couldn’t go bad bad.” And it was magical.

Because he was and is my Beautiful People.


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