The Travel Bug – Incurable and Incredible

We live in a world of incredible technology. The field of medicine has made more progress in the past 50 years than in [arguably] all of prior history combined. It’s amazing. I’m in awe.

But, there is a virus among millennials that no modern medicine can seem to cure.

It’s the Travel Bug.

The Travel Bug is a serious, life changing and contagious condition. It’s been around a long time, but there has been a new wave epidemic of sorts. Why? This thing can attack digitally. And when we live in an era where nearly everybody is plugged in and connected, the risk is high that you may be affected.

So let’s see if you’ve got it. Afflicted persons may experience, though are not limited to, symptoms such as:

  • Restlessness
    • “OMG, I need to get out of here!” You know, you’ve only been home for 2 days…
  • Impatience and increased distractibility
    • “I was definitely listening to your lecture on Complex Quantification in Derivatives and I hear you and all, but did you know that there is a plant in Bolivia that takes up to 100 years to bloom and its about to do it, so…you can see how this is probably a little more important? Yeah?” 
  • Irrational (or rational) irritability towards unsustainable practices
    • “Dude, the recycle bin is 2 feet away.”
  • Up-all-night-looking-at-Earth-porn induced insomnia/exhaustion
    • ‘”13 reasons you must see Iceland in the summer!’ Well, there’s only 13 reasons, it won’t take that long to rea…oh, it’s 3am.”
  • Varying degrees of adventure/travel media addiction
    • “And here is my collection of novels on Transatlantic Sailing Expeditions…not to be confused with the Transpacific Cruising Expeditions memoir collection.”
  • Adventure/travel media packrat tendencies
    • “Why do you have cut outs from a 1993 issue of National Geographic taped to your washer?” Because it’s none of your business…and the fridge was full.
  • Switching of your Pinterest Boards to “Secret”
    • Because your mother is concerned and won’t stop calling you about all the base-jumping articles you are saving. “You are NOT base-jumping, ALEX.”
  • Sudden and increasing bouts of “WTF-am-I-doing-with-my-life?!”-esque Tourettes

These symptoms are REAL. Cases may range from “Why-does-my-coworker-always-get-to-do-cool-things” mild to “Tomorrow-Im-buying-an-airstream–quitting-my-job–burning-all-my-technology” severe.

And if you related to any or all of this, fear not! Symptoms alleviation exists…which is good news because, don’t burn all your technology, your mother will worry (because you are probably base jumping if you are not answering your phone).

This is where I hope to come in! While I’m no doctor, I have been living with this affliction for 20 years now. O woe is me, right?

I’m on a journey to soothe my itchy restlessness, that physical ache to be somewhere else/somewhere fulfilling, that utter doubt of “Am I even doing this whole ‘life’ thing right?”

I post about experiences, reflections, places and tea…and the occasional call-to-action…(But, mostly tea)

Join me in attempting to satisfy the insatiable 🙂


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